Tuh-Duh!! The coop is finished


11 Years
Aug 31, 2008
Central Indiana
My dh finished the coop this weekend & I love it! Just what I envisioned & surprisingly enough, he really enjoyed himself & is pretty excited about our chicks arrival this week

Here are a few pics, any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated:



dh put the roosting posts all by himself w/out any suggestions from me


I stole the idea from another BYC member in using limbs around our yard


The whole coop floor is covered in leno and on top of the nesting boxes as well, in case they decide to set up shop near the window.

I'm planning on having 12 chickens (if they all survive, I'll be receiving an order from Ideal this week). I also am trimming any nails that stick out and painting the entire interior white (Kilzing). What do you guys think?
WOW! Looks great!

What about covering the top of the run, to keep predators out? I'd be pretty happy with the whole setup!

Wow! I like it and am really jealous
We haven't started on our new coop yet and I really like a lot of your ideas. I would cover the top too and also put more than just chicken wire (hardware cloth is what I use) along the lower half of the run. Too many horror stories on here about chickens getting grabbed through chicken wire and predators ripping the chicken wire apart.

I like it though, great job! I hope my hubby shows just as much enthusiasm when I say "time to start building honey!"
That looks fabulous. I would only question a couple of things...

the top of the run being covered to keep predators out firstly and secondly, did husband put chicken wire under and out from the run to stop diggers?

The third thing and it is merely personal preference for me. As chickens' feet are not the same as other birds, I would not use limbs but use the 4" side up on a 2 x 4. As they like to sit on their feet with them flat.

I love the glass on the front. I have a huge 6' x 4' picture window in my copo and a small coop and really makes the coop airy and light.

But I think it is a fabulous coop and run...kudos to DH and congrats to you both on your new feathered kids.
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Looks great! Nice & secure, though you might consider putting chicken wire or netting over the top for more predator proofing.

What's the 2x4 rung thing in the run - is that just for roosting? I'd move them to the other way - 4" side up. This way, they can squat down over their feet to keep them warm when it's cold out. Only other suggestion I'd have is for your nest boxes; I would reconfigure the top so that it is slanted, unless you don't care if they poo all over it. Also, you should put a thin piece of wood in the frong at the bottom of each to hold in your shavings or straw.

It looks really nice - I'm sure your new ones will really be comfy & happy!

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