Tumor or cyst/abscess?


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Jul 18, 2021
While on family vacation in Florida my in laws were caring for our flock. They let us know that our girl Gertrude had developed a lump on her neck within a few days of us being gone. She had been broody so she hasn't had much activity to where she could have been injured.

Inlaws got her out of the coop away from the others and kept a close eye on her. No changes in lump until we got home. Once we were home we treated with Vetericyn and Chicken Healer. No changes after a few days. We had her in a crate and she scraped it sticking her head through so it did bleed a little as you can see it scabbed over. Blue coloring is from the chicken healer.

Lump is hard and firm. She does not seem to be bothered by it at all. No changes in appetite or behavior. Still wild as ever.

Since picture has been taken it has healed up but we still can not figured out what this is. It is now just the pink color you see above the scabbing. My husband believes it is a tumor with it being so hard. Trying to find a local vet that will see chickens to treat her. We don't want to cut into her and make things worse.

Has anyone had anything like this on their chicken? How did you treat it?



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