I hatched 4 ducks and 1 turkey together. In the brooder, the ducks were mean to the turkey, (maybe 4 to 1 was better odds for the ducks!) so I bought a couple of baby girl golden comets. The turkey and the chicks are great together. At about 6 weeks, I tried to introduce them all. One duck was still aggressive toward the turkey and chicks, but the other 3 didn't seem to mind them. So I built another area and are keeping them separated for now. That's my long and windy way of saying I think it depends on the individuals. Many folks have success with it, but I didn't. Not yet anyway.
I might give it a try. I wanted to get 2 turkeys, the younger the better. I have 6 ducks so maybe with two turkeys there wont be an odd man out.

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