Turkey Advice?


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Mar 23, 2014
My dad surprised me with 3 turkeys 2 weeks ago. I haven't really done any research on turkeys. I thought I would ask the BYC members for any helpful advice.

Here are some questions I have or things I would like advice on:

When can they go outside?

How big should their enclosure be?

The turkeys keep getting in their food bowl and scratching the food out of it. Advice?

The turkeys are kept in a baby playpen, but they're getting close to flying out. Advice? (We do have wire over the top, but they fly into it.)

Any other advice you have is welcomed. Thank you!

And for your viewing pleasure; here are the turkeys

Quick answers:

Six weeks, as large as possible, use a feeder tray with a lid and holes to peck out the food, keep the lid on, make sure the food is high protein (26-30% for at least the first six weeks. Nothing under 20% for the first several months, longer if they are heritage (I can't tell from that pic if they are broad-breasted bronze or not). Play with them everyday and they will be friendlies. Have fun. and
We plan on changing their food bowl soon. Our ducks need a bigger one so they'll be getting that one after it's cleaned. They are broad-breasted bronze turkeys. We handle them as often as we can. I have noticed that one of the turkeys kind of picks on the other 2. Is there anyway to break that?

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