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7 Years
Apr 14, 2012
Fairfield, Connecticut
Hello Folks I am hoping to add turkeys to my flock. Please help me answer these questions:
- Can they eat layer pellets?
- Can they roost & live with my chickens?

- Are hawks a threat to them?
- How often do they lay eggs?
- What breeds are prettiest and best pets?
- Are they noisy?

I can try to help.
Turkeys need more protein than a layer. You have to feed them meat bird feed or gamebird feed. The gamebird feed is better (little higher in protein) but more expensive. Mine get meat bird crumbles.

A lot of folks have a difference of opinion on this one. In my humble opinion turkeys and chickens CAN live together. The big concern with it is blackhead but if its not in your area and your chickens are clean, there shouldn't be a problem. They will get along famously!

I don't know about hawks. Our problem here is coyotes.

The hen will lay one egg per day. She might lay 2-4 days in a row then take a day off. She will lay an average of 50 eggs in season. Give or take.

Prettiest...well, that is all personal opinion. Everyone has there favorites. Black, white, brown and white, grey, etc.
They ALL make good pets from what I've read on here. My two are kinda like dogs, always at your side.

I don't think they are noisy per say. As poults they will peep a lot (they will call you, your the mamma!). As adults they will speak up but I don't find it annoying.

I hope that helps.
I agree with the above, only issue u may have is if you have a rooster and a tom. Ours used to fight all the time so we had to separate them. And I love the royal palm, bourbon red, and bronze

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