Turkey Displays and Gobbling - What Does This Mean


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Jan 25, 2013
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Hi. I have eight turkeys which are penned. I hatched them myself and, for a time, they were very tame and personable...and in ways still are. This is my question tho...

Since they have somewhat matured, whenever anyone goes down by their pen, the males will puff up and strut. Also, when the boys are down by the pen, they will be talking and startle? the males which will then all gobble. Now, this is the norm when the boys are around the turkeys....lots of gobbling, strutting, displays, etc. When I go down to feed and/or chat to them they might do a bit of strut but they don't gobble at me. Is this a good thing, bad, or indifferent thing. I would appreciate any advice.
They are doing what teenage toms do to impress and to see who is alpha male. Toms will gobble if a leaf drops! HA HA You on the other hand are Mama to them as you hand raised them and they are more interested in what you might have brought them! They might like to hear what you have to say, LOL The gobbling will increase as they get older. Toms are very noisy. The hens will start to present themselves to the toms and the boys and sometimes to anybody, as they get to be egg laying age in laying season. All is normal! The hens are not as noisy and will ARF, sort of sounds like a bark, poults will twill or tweet. Have fun!
You're gonna love turkeys!

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