Turkey Eggs Giveaway!! ---FOR CRAFTING---


Easter Hatch!!
10 Years
Jul 17, 2009
Calling all BYC Crafters!

I am running a giveaway on my website: thehenway.com

I have more stuff to do than I have time to do them. So, I am offering up these blown-out turkey eggs to anyone who wants to toss their name in the hat.


These are the first five eggs laid by my turkey hen, Henna. I blew them out with the intention of doing something cool with them—but I suspect they will get broken before I get the opportunity to get my crafy on.

Fair warning: Martha Stuart I am not. I am clumsy, with sausage fingers. A few of the eggs have less-than-ideal holes on the bottom. Martha Stuart would know how to fix them.


If you are interested in the eggs, go to thehenway.com and reply to the contest post. I will ship the eggs to the winner, free of charge.

I'd REALLY, REALLY like to give the eggies to one of my BYC peeps, but I don't know if the BYCers have need of more eggs...

Anywhoo, Good Luck!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new avatar!!
Oh, and Martha Stewart is overrated.

edited to add: I'm IN.
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Don't kid yourself, her "people" take care of those trifling details for her. Hmmm, now where can I get me some "people"?
YAY! I am having a hard time typing with munchikin in my lap. He's all sorts of "I wanna break stuff"
Not a lot of people so far. I suspect on e of you ladies will cinch it!
Go ahead and toss my name in the hat as well. I would love some blown out turkey eggs to paint!

I have 4 duck eggs I blew out a few days ago and I'd love to try the Turkey eggs!

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