Turkey eggs hatching and ants are getting in before they hatch

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by msmissy914, Apr 11, 2016.

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    Apr 11, 2016
    i have a few big problems 1st is i had 2hens that layer eggs in the same box,when i realized what was happening i tried to put a few eggs in the other box with a hen but she wasn't having it an went back in the same box so when eggs started hatching last sunday which was 28 days from when the red hen went broody now they are both coming off the other eggs because the white hen should of still been broody for another 2wks when they started hatching anyways i have 14 babies I've lost5 total an the last 3 because of ants so the egg thats hatching now I've killed about 30 ants thats came out of it they especially started com in out when i brought it inside an put it under the heat lamp i use for my baby chickens anyways I'm not sure if i should peel the shell off an make sure theres no more ants the chic does chirp in the egg and was chirping a lot before all those ants came out,I've never hatched babes before so these other 22 eggs that should have around a week i guess i don't know if the heat lamp will be ok or if i need to find a Bator,anyone have any suggestions for me i would appreciate them,
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    Well I'm certainly no one special, here, and can't help you all the way around... but I'd suspect the others need to be in an incubator if their shells are still all in tact.

    The one who's chirping, has he hatched out yet? I'd help him out, if you think there's still ants in there. They'll bite him.

    I hope this helps a little... I'd certainly post this in several other places to get some answers!!!!!

    Sue Knigge
    (new chickie owner and current duck egg hatcher)

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