Turkey Feeling Unwell, Choking/Unswallowed Food?


Jul 1, 2019
Molalla, OR
I have a turkey hen, 2 yrs old, beloved pet. She ate some of her favorite treat, shredded broccoli and carrots slaw, and she eats it so fast!
This morning she seemed to stop eating it quite suddenly, and hours later, after we returned from work, she is acting unwell.
She had a small lump right under her beak, where the waddle is, so I touched it- she shook her head and a couple pieces of broccoli flew out!

So there is still a small lump, she lets me massage it, but I cannot see anything when I look in her beak, there are no lumps I can feeling her neck and her crop feels mostly empty except for the grit. She acts almost as if she is choking?

I have offered her both epsom salt water with electrolytes flush and also a different option of activated charcoal water.
She wants nothing to do with either one, and is currently standing with her eyes closed looking miserable.

I am at a loss and would so appreciate any help!! Thank you very much!
She walked around outside, ate some calcium pebbles and grass. Acting lethargic, but otherwise seems ok? I am more familiar with chickens, so maybe this is just something turkeys do from time to time?

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