Turkey foot injury.


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Sep 9, 2013

My turkey "Avis" has recently hurt his foot. I had a vet tech lance it on the swollen area and it bleed out really well. However, today it is just as swollen and almost looks as if he has broken it. Has anyone seen this type of injury before? He is limping on it and when standing holds his foot up. He is also having a very hard time perching. Thank you so much. This is my first pet turkey and I am a little lost. Avis is 3 months old.
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I don't see a picture. Can you confine him in a large dog cage to let his foot rest? Do you think it is infected or swollen from the injury? If infection was suspected when you had it lanced you need to put him on an antibiotic. Does your feedstore have penicillin, or can your vet prescribe some baytril, cipro, amoxicillin, or keflex?
I am really struggling trying to upload a picture Eggcessive :( Thank you so much for replying. His foot photo is in my uploaded photos I just can not seem to add it to this post. I have kept him confined and our feed store is suppose to be receiving a shipment of antibiotic today. I am hoping that will help. Just his last talon looks really funny to me???
Thank you SO much! I think I just got it uploaded with the first post. Could you please tell me if you see it. I can not thank you enough. I am worried sick about him.
Thank you so much Kathy. He is just over three months old. We live in a super duper small town and the one vet has never seen Turkeys before so, I am kind of at the mercy of the internet :(
One thing you could try is vitamins while he is recuperating. The B vitamins and vitamin E are good to give chicks with foot problems. You can give him Polyvisol baby vitamins or chick vitamins for the water. I also will just put an all B tablet into the water container (you can dissolve it first in a cup of hot water>)

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