Turkey Fryer??


8 Years
Oct 11, 2011

I have a few turkeys that I need to butcher before Thanksgiving and was wondering if I could use a 32qt Turkey Fryer instead of a scalder for processing turkeys? The scalders are too costly.
If all you're using in the fryer is water, I don't see why not (I'm assuming you're talking about a deep fryer) All you need is some kind of container large enough to keep heated water in for dipping the birds before plucking. Hope that helps?
Thanks. I plan to use water, but I don't think that a 32 quart pot is going to be big enough for a 16 pound turkey. Would a 32 quart pot work for a smaller turkey of about 16 pounds?
We use a turkey fryer pot to do out chicken scalding, and it is just big enough for two birds and definitely about a third of the size of our turkey pot. We lucked into a pair of 30 gallon stainless pots for $30 that we couldn't pass up. It's really about the right size for a 45lb tom. I don't know what you'd use that's readily available, even for your smaller hens.
Moot of the turkey fryers are only big enough fir a 10-12 pound dressed weight bird. The pot might not be big enough.

I use the burner part of the turkey fryer and I purchased a galvanized wash tub to hold the water and do the scalding. That is big enough to scald a large turkey or a goose. The turkey fryer burner does a good job of heating the water. I think the galvanized tub was $26.

I own several large stock pots and tamale pots and none of them are really big enough for scalding. You need to get the bird into the water and squish it around. It's difficult to do that swishing in a tall narrow pot.

The wash tub can also be used for large parties. You fill it with ice, sodas and beer. So, you can get a little more use out of it than just scalding turkeys. Of course, once you own the wash tub, you are obligated to be the one to give the large 4th of July and Super Bowl parties. So that is an additional expense.
It depends on how big your turkeys are... when we process the turkeys, (Royal Palms, so they are not huge,) I am going to use a (clean!) muck bucket for scalding:

You can heat the water with the propane burner and pot from the turkey fryer and then dump it in the tub, or...

I also have a bucket heater that will go past 150F to keep it up to temperature between birds:

Another idea I have is to use a plastic laundry sink:
(That's intended to be rigged with a water heater coil and thermostat, so a longer term project...)

Are those of you using wash tubs actually putting them on top of the burner, or just dumping heated water into them?

If you need a Really Big Pot, find your local Mexican grocery store and look on the top shelf. It seems they always have some *enormous* aluminum pots up there, for steaming tamales I think!

drinking from galvanized metal is totally different from direct heating it.
Please do not use galvanized metals directly over a fire or burner even electric. It off gases and causes sickness, flu like symptoms. Althogh studies do not indicate any long term concerns there is debate on this issue.

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