Turkey poult with swollen face - What to do?


6 Years
May 6, 2013
West Texas
Hey guys. I have a Narragansett turkey poult. He is about 3 months old. I have had him for 2 months now, with no problems. He is in a separate pen next to my chicken coop. He is penned with 3 guineas, that are around 4 months old. They do occasionally all run around together (chickens, turkeys and guineas). They are on a dirt floor.

I noticed the day before yesterday, that the side of his face was a little swollen, below and between his eye and his beak. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture right now. Yesterday, it was slightly more swollen. The first day I noticed it, it was the size of an oval marble, roughly. Now its about the size of an oval grape. The eye is clear, no breathing problems or funny sounds when he is breathing.

I don't see any injury, and he is eating, drinking, and acting normally. What could this be, and how can I fix it?

He is my first turkey, and I'm trying to learn more about them, so forgive my ignorance. I have chickens somewhat figured out by now, but no so much on turkeys yet.

I was supposed to pick up 2 females yesterday, from the same breeder, same hatching, but decided not to, until I make sure he is healthy and happy.

could be a sinus infection/blockage is there any drainage?

is it hard or soft? is it hot to the touch?

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