Turkey price per pound


10 Years
Feb 4, 2009
I was going to raise and sell some birds for thanksgiving.
I was going to charge enough to cover costs and make profit but was wondering what others charged.
Last year I charged $4lb.
With the bird flu, I was wondering if I should charge extra ?
Thank you
I'm interested in this also.

You should sell them at a price YOU will be happy with. Most of the people in our area sell organic, free range, processed on farm turkeys for about $100-$200 a piece regardless of size (the guy we know who does $200 sells SO many, hundreds, and they are heritage breed so 13-20lbs)
Thanksgiving is a special event that most people are happy to spend good money on something that seems valuable. Take pre orders for 1/4th of the final price so you have firm orders and then their final cost doesn't seem as high, too.

We wanted to share our special birds with just close friends & family and ended up PREselling 20 turkeys, which is way more than I thought we would! Most people bought two! But we do it for the love of good food, and it helps to cover how much $ we put into processing equipment last year. I won't share our price per pound but it is important to remember that you should at least double, if not quadruple your RAW costs of the turkeys & feed & any supplements they need (consumable one time use expenses, include bags, etc.) The overage is what covers your re-usable items and labor, so make it good! ;) If you only double you will be left with very little for your time.

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