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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by JoePa, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Well I decided to try raising some turkeys - looks like the small midget white ones are my best choice for me - I have a lot of questions about raising them - would greatly appreciate any help you can give me - here are some of my questions-

    Do you need to clip their wings so they don't fly out of run - or do you need to put screening over top of run -
    How big of a coop and run do you need for about 6 turkeys-
    When is the best time to buy small turkeys-
    Where do you generally get small turkeys from -
    I have a couple chickens - can I keep them together
    Do you eat turkey eggs or do you just let the hen sit on them when ready -
    Is it good to let them free roam or won't they come back to the coop at night
    Any other bits of information you may have would be appreciated -

    Thank you - Joe

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    Hi Joe,

    I can answer some of your questions but not all.

    How well can they fly? - I just saw my 4 month old turkey on the roof of the henhouse (10') So if you want to keep them in a pen it will have to be covered.

    How big a coop - I would figure at least 10 square feet per bird, but bigger would be better. Chicken math happens with turkeys too.

    I don't know where to find them.

    My turkeys live in the same henhouse with guineas and chickens.

    I'd say the eggs would be delicious!

    My turkeys free range and always go back to the henhouse in the evening.

    Turkeys like high perches. I've seen mine jump from the floor to the 5' perch which is my highest perch.

    Turkeys seem to like mirrors just like my other poultry does. I have a lot of mirrors where they can perch at night and admire themselves before going to sleep! [​IMG]

    Hope this helps some [​IMG]
  3. I can help with a couple of questions.

    I think the best time to get turkeys is during or at the start of spring at a local Tractors Supply Co or Campbells Supply. They usually have an annual event for the chicks, including turkeys, chickens, geese, and ducks. If you cant find any there, go to www.welphatchery.com and you can order them. They are shipped from Bancroft, Iowa. I think the minimum is 6 turkeys, im not for sure on that, so check it out!

    Good Luck and I wish you Well!

    Thanks for joining the Backyard Chickens Community! [​IMG]


    If you have any Questions, PM me or just ask! [​IMG]
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    I can answer some of these too. We have blue slates. Started off with one 2 years ago. She was a gift to our daughter from her great uncle who had no idea what kind of turkey she was (she was going to be Thanksgiving dinner but got a pardon after we researched and found out she was a heritage breed and had a threatened status on the endangered list). We worked last spring to get her companions. Started with 5, 3 didn't make it, of the 2 that did we got another female and a tom. We have 17 or 18 from this years hatch.

    To build on letting them free roam. We have to chase ours off the front porch and out of the garage. They are very tame, they eat out my daughters hand, try to sit on my lap when I'm on the front porch and will follow all of us across 3 acres of property.

    We started with chickens and I enjoy them but I absolutely love my turkeys. They are so fascinating to be around and watch how the "pecking" order works. The young males are now challenging each other and one of the first born males was foolish enough to try and challenge Big Daddy Turkey.

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