Turkey treats?


10 Years
May 25, 2009
McNeal, AZ
What is a good turkey treat. They love grapes, but I'd like something with some protien in it. They don't care that much for cooked rice or potatoes. Any ideas?
I have a large grassy area I let them feed in every day, but for some reason they don't look healthy. They don't have their shine and their feathers have become ragged. I'm a little worried because they used to love rice and potatoes. That's why I'm looking for something they really like. I have two hens and a tom. One hen set and eggs turned out infertile. That is another concern.
Something is not right.
Are the feathers falling out? Ours are molting right now and look terrible. Looks like they were fighting with a weedeater and lost.

Ours love whole corn and collard greens (really, all the dark leafy type greens - we just grow extra collards as we can grow them pretty much year round here in NC)

You can also boil back eggs and feed them. Just hardboil the eggs and crush them up shell and all for the birds - it's good protien and calcium.

What are you feeding them now?

Steve in NC
i grow a lot of lettuce and spinach...i cant keep them out of my garden...i had some snail damaged Box Choy, they ate that too. any thing i shouldnt feed them from my garden? My plan is to kind of use them as composters...is that ok?
cool, this is my first time raising them...no tomato or potato, got it. they are really such lively birds...i just checked out your web page, those are some handsome turkeys. i need to get me some of those.

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