Turkey was on ground. Barely moving freezing cold

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    Sep 10, 2015
    Went out to the run and I had a turkey on the ground that was just barely moving just ice cold brought her in the house she seems to have a little bit of a Mite problem she's not dead she's really cold is it worth trying to nurse her back to health.do you think It ruined her brain I have her wrapped up in a towel with warm water bags but any help would be greatly appreciated
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  2. clawstar

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    1. get her warm
    2. Get her good food! Boiled eggs (a little mashed and watered down) normally work.
    3. get rid of mites (sprays and dust can be found in co-ops)

    hope they turn out well! Mites can kill, make sure none of your other birds (if they are your own birds?) have them. --I have no experience with turkeys but with my experiences this should work with chickens and quail--

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