Turkey Weight Gain


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7 Years
Aug 25, 2012
So I have a 2 week old BS turkey that i would like to try and make market weight for fair which is 15 pounds. Fair is at the end of october. Any ideas on how I can boost her weight gain. Thanks :)
the highest protien feed you can find.

getting the Blue Slate turkey to 15 lbs by the end of october seems like a lot. i think my turkey was putting on something like 1.25 ~ 1.35 lbs per week at that age. say you have roughly 6 weeks and the turkey is currently 3 lbs, you'd need to average 2 pounds per week which seems like a ton for a BS as they grow slower than a BBB or BBW (mine is a BBB)... whats the weight of the bird at the moment?
Oh by BS i meant black spanish sorry!! But she is about 2 pounds

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