Turkey with injured leg...help

Jean Scriven

May 18, 2017
Hi! We have a pet turkey, Sybil, and decided to get her a friend. A friend of mine was picking up some turkeys from a farm and we said we would have one as a friend for Sybil. However, instead of letting us know they'd got the turkeys they put one over the fence to our allotment and in doing so she seems to have injured her leg badly and we're not quite sure what to do about it...can anyone give us any advice? Thank you.


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It looks quite bad, the obvious recommendation is a vet. *I have splinted broken bird legs before and they have turned out properly healed with proper cleaning and keeping a close eye on them, but I've never attempted to fix a leg with that severe of a break...

*Please be warned that I am not a professional and you can attempt fixing it yourself at your own risk.
Hi! Polly had an x ray yesterday morning...she had a torn ligament in one leg and the second leg had a dislocation and the tissue inside her leg had begun to become necrotic so we had to let her go ...they didn't bring her round from the anaesthetic. Thanks for asking.

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