turkey won't open eye *UPDATED*Eye deformed???

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The poult is opening the other eye just fine, and there is no discharge. I tried to kinda open the eye a little and the eye looks fine underneth. Is this just a newborn thing or something else? Its brothers and sisters are all opening their eyes just fine.

Okay, I cleaned his eye and that isn't the problem. It wasn't stuck together or anything, but the poult still isn't opening it. He is also a little weaker and unbalenced than the others now.


Updated again:

It is more like his eyelid is too small and high on his head. When I gently pull it open and down it is in the right spot but not open enough. It is set much higher on the head than the others. Has anyone had this before?
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Poults are more fragile than chicks. Make sure it is getting plenty of feed and water. This one may not have the hang of it. It may need help. You can also put electrolytes, sugar or gatorade in their water for extra energy. You can use a syringe and force feed and water the weaker one if it is not doing it enough on its own. Keep us posted.
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