Turkeys and the heat


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
here in NC it has been quite hot the past few days- 95! this is my first year with turkeys. they are in a horse barn, in a stall with windows cut out in the back wall for cross-ventilation, as the front of the stalls are most wire from half way to the top. we get a decent breeze here, but i decided to put a fan blowing on them too. im not sure how much its helping but i figure it will move the stuffy air around at least. the cielings are low, so it does hold the heat. overall it doesnt seem too much hotter in there, but im just wondering how they generally do in the heat? all of my birds have been panting in the hottest part of the day. also, i know this isnt the section for peafowl but im going to take a shot and ask about them as well. i just want to make sure if they are sensitive to overheating that i get more fans on them.
Heres a couple of things I do
I water out of a 2 gallon bucket, when the temps get above 90, I fill 1/2 gal. milk jugs with water and freeze. Drop one in your bucket every afternoon and your birds have cool water to drink.
When I fill the horse barrel, at those temps everyone gets fresh water about 1-2 pm, my turkeys would line up to have their feet sprayed down.
Feed the majority of your high protein foods in the morning and provide more complex carbs ( veggie scraps ) in the afternoon or evening feeding, the high protein feeds create more body heat in the digestion process.

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