turkeys fighting


9 Years
Jan 10, 2011
I just got my birds back from the fair, and fed and watched them for a bit, they were fine, had some dinner myself, and came back and man, what a royal rumble they must have had! lets just say that tom isn't in the champion condition he was a few short hours ago! how do i eliminate the fighting!? i don't want a royal rumble every time i come back with them. They are usually amicable.
If you have multiple toms in the flock and remove one then bring him back it upsets the pecking order. Each time he will be treated as a newcomer and have to re-establish his dominance. I don't know if you can show them with spurs trimmed but if so I would do it. Mississippi's poultry industry got shows outlawwed do to disease risks. We don't even get to show at fairs. If you decide to trim spurs it will prevent injuries among toms and will make breeding time much easier on the hens. I delayed this year and lost a bourbon red brood hen to a nasty slash.

these guys only have nubins at this point
the hens i learned this morning are just as bad, the hen that was at the fair was pecking the crap out of the black tom who stayed home and vice versa, never seen such tom foolery!

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