Turkeys Hatching Poults Together?


8 Years
Aug 16, 2011
I have (2) turkeys which have just hatched eggs. They are currently in different coops. One is alone in an 8x8 coop and the other is in the main coop with the chickens, ducks and guineas. I have to move the 2nd turkey to the ground so she can feed the new poult. Is there any issue with putting the two new mommas together in the same 8x8 pen where they won't get bothered by the other birds? I don't want them fighting and killing the poults, but I don't want all the other birds picking on the turkey in the main pen. I don't have another pen to put her in right now.
If they were living together when the poults hatched, you would have no problems, and if you had a ledger pen, say 50 x50, you would have no problem. I don't think you will have any problems, but my pens are all very large. When I do move birds, they go into a pen that is about 100 x 120 and is about one fourth wooded.
Ok, I technically have (4) pens. The first is the main aviary which is 50x30. Half is covered and half is not. The birds that can fly are able to free range during the day and the smaller birds are kept safe inside. There is a door which cuts the aviary in half if I need to separate one species from the other for a few days or is I need to keep them all safe for a few days from an unknown predator. The 2nd coop is a 10x12 tin shed which is currently used to house laying hens that have been over mated (I have more roosters than I need right now) and by those raising chicks. I have a small triangular tractor which is 10x4 and is in use right now for a hen and biddies. And I have a hoop coop 8x8 which has the turkey and her 4 poults. If I put the other turkey in there, I just feel the turkeys will be a little crowded. These birds are used to free ranging.

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