Turkeys sharing nest duties?


8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
North Central Oklahoma
Anyone ever have turkeys sharing a nest? We have two white hollands who have taken to the nest and they are sharing the duties it seems. Whenever one gets up the other takes the eggs and pulls then under her and vice versa. They also move just enough to allow other turkeys and chickens to lay their eggs in the nest as well. Since I've never had turkeys sit a nest before, I'm just wondering how common this is.
I have midget whites and two of them shared mother duty with an Ameraucana hen. Sometimes I'd walk in and see the turkey sitting on the chicken sitting on the eggs. It was a problem because the turkey was too heavy for the chicken eggs and kept breaking them. they did finally hatch out 2 chicks. " I pulled all the turkey eggs and put them in the incubator."
My Royal Palm turkey pair shared hatch and brood duties. Cute how they scoop the eggs under themselves when their mate goes for lunch. Is it just RP turkeys or are all pairs of turkeys this family orientated? To see a big tom walk delicately amongst his poults is precious.
I had two golden Narragansetts share a nest. The problem was one started incubating before the other was done laying. When the first eggs hatched, both hens left to take care of five poults, leaving 27 eggs of varying development in the nest. I took them inside and hatched a turkey a day for 25 days. It was not as fun as it sounds!
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