Turn on 18th day then lockdown or just LOCKDOWN????

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    Oct 28, 2009
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    Sunday is the 18th day of my first ever incubation period. I read that the 18th day is critical to the success of the hatch.
    Should I turn my eggs as usual on the 18th day then go into lockdown that evening after the last turn or lock the door the morning of the 18th day????

    12 Ameracuna & 13 copper black marans

    Wife didnt show much interest in the beginning but now she's all business. did you do this right, is the temp right, is the humidity right, are you sure, dont forget to do this CALGON TAKE ME AWAY

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    It doesn't really matter at that point... the turning is more important at the beginning of incubation.
    I take my chicken eggs out of the turner on the morning of the 19th, usually. Some people stop turning during the 2nd week. I have accidentally left eggs in the turner (turns them every 2 hours) and they all hatched anyway. When hatching shipped eggs with tremulous air cells, I have been known not to turn them at all, just tilt them slightly once a day.
    Whatever you choose... good luck on your hatch.
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    Paganbird's answer is what I would have "guessed" to be the correct answer. I think at LOT of this incubating is GENERAL APPROXIMATION.

    There are "so many variables" such as the temp/humidity of the room the incubator is in...........The part of the country you're in.....
    The Season of the year (where YOU live).......etc. that WE TRY to "approximate" IDEAL CONDITIONS.........but it is nevertheless an "approximation" in ALL conditions.

    Not quite a "crap-shoot"..but similar. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    just my 2 pesos worth, [​IMG]
    -Junkmanme- [​IMG]

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