turner is NOT WORKING and I am so upset. any one else quick fix?


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Oct 28, 2009
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...just noticed so eggs were only turned once today. I know that the ysay that it turns very slowly so you won't notice it, but, I have checked the eggs so many times today and they have been in the same position pointing the same way all day and night now. I don't know if you can usually hear the turner over the fan of the incubator, but, I have plugged it into two different plugs and can't hear anything either way. But, those eggs are still at the same slant. Has anyone else had this problem? It is a BRAND NEW turner. I got if off of ebay with the incubator. I have sent a note to the seller, but, don't know what I will hear. Any known problems that are easily fixable with these turners?
Sometimes new turners will have a burr on the mechanism that keeps them from turning. First check to see if the motor is actually working. Unplug your incubator temporarily and listen for the turner motor working. If the motor is in fact working, plug your incubator back in, then holding one of the egg racks, gently twist it back and forth and then see if it starts on its way again. Make sure nothing is blocking the turner from working such as an egg that is too large or a thermometer that is in the way. If the motor is not working, check the power source first. Then check the connections. If still nothing, then it is possible you got a bad turner. The seller should be willing to exchange it or give you a refund. New motors are available as replacements. They run about $27 and are easily replaced.
For some reason, I couldn't post last night after your last post. I tried everything you spoke of. I can turn the trays and I can hear it trying to work and it is warm, but, it I still have not caught it in another position yet. I am going to go up and take them all out and try to work on it better without the eggs in it...what a Pain in the Arse...pardon the french!
YOu are experiencing one of my biggest fears of using the automated turners. THey are definitely convenient though! Keep us posted . . . keep turning by hand . . . .
it could be stripped. I have 2 that hum and get hot. They will turn the trays empty, but with eggs nothing. I forgot to take the wire out from under my turner and it stripped the motor.
I just bought a new motor from ebay for 20 and have used it on 4 sets of eggs already.
I bought an old Marsh Roll X at a barn sale. The turner looked like it worked, but once I got my eggs in, I had the same problem. I maked an x on one side and an o on the other side of the eggs and then checked them every 30 mintues for 4 hours and they never moved. So I am turning by hand now. I felt like I was too far into the process to take the eggs out and mess with it and then get it back up to temp and humidity. This unit holds the temperature and humidty perfect. I set my cell phone alarm to remind me to turn my eggs 4 times a day and then if I am home I will turn them an extra time or two. My hatch date is March 16th.

My Mom & I used to hatch random eggs when I was growing up--quails a couple of times, bird eggs we found in the back yard, a chicken egg once. We had a tiny little incubator and turned by hand and we were always successful--but if yours is a brand new unit....If it were mine I would turn by hand and hatch my eggs---since you already started heating them and then after the hatch take the unit back for a replacement.
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