Turning Shed into coop! help!

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  1. Echo5

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    Mar 21, 2012
    Hi there,

    So I'd really like to get some Ducks and Chickens. Id like to turn my shed out back into a coop for them both but not sure if the size is big enough. I plan to get 2 ducks(Pekin) and 4-5 chickens(Bantams possibly) So that adds up to 6-7 birds. My shed is about 40"w x 60"L x 65"h. Is this big enough housing for them all? I would be getting them all as chicks and ducklings but am wondering when their fully grown if it will be big enough.

    Ill take any advise I can as I'm a newbie!
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    Sep 28, 2010
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    Lets do the Math.
    roughly 3'x5' of floor space = 15 SF
    Minimum recommended space for a full sized hen is 4sf so it is large enough for 3 Hens
    Minimum recommended space for a bantam is 3sf so it is large enough for 5 Banties.

    Ducks are out of my area but I hear they are messy.
    You might be able to have 3 banties and 2 ducks in that lil shed,
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    I'm in the process of the same thing. When you figure the square feet do you include the run as well? My coop has 18 sq ft of floor space and the run is 20
    Sq ft. So I have enough room for 9 hens?? Thanks for you help :)
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    You normally do not count them together. Indoor space should be 4 sq ft per bird, and outdoor space should be 10 sq ft per bird.

    So you could fit 4 chickens in the coop, but only 2 in the run.
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