Turns out I have chickens in the backyard.....


10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
They have not laid in so long I just thought of them as flying cats for awhile there. I got the first egg in four months yesterday and the second today...though I think she laid it last night. She did it while she was roosting so it broke and then got pooped on but still....it came out of a fluffy butt and that is all i care about! They are real live chickens again!!!!
I have 6 and 2 only paied the Rent all winter, now I get 4-5 eggs per day ( in the past 2 weeks)

I guess they free load all winter and pay back during the other 3 seasons
One of my girls was apparently so excited about the sun returning that she treated me to several days of two-eggs-a-day! Now we've settled down to a more reasonable pace. But isn't it nice to have some concrete (edible) proof that spring is coming back!?!

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