Turtle Sand Box


8 Years
Aug 7, 2011
Piedmont of NC
Oh My Goodness,
the neighbor had an old turtle sand
box that I moved to the run. It had old sand
in it from a previous neighbor, it has been covered.
I am scared, b/c I did not empty the sand. I did drill
holes for drainage and added garden dirt/sand. Please
tell me it will be OK!
It will be ok.

Seriously I would leave the lid on it and make a sifter out of hardware cloth and 2x2's. I would sift and wash the sand just in case someones cat had been using it.
I think this is brilliant. I clicked the title because I have a turtle sand box the kids are going to outgrow soon... If a lid has been on it, it's unlikely there's anything unwanted in the original sand.
I did drill holes in the bottom of it
for drainage, just in case the rain
catches me off guard. I did add
some garden dirt. They are still
looking at it like "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"
I have sand in my run but I do use a kiddie pool in the summer for the girls to dip their feet in. These are a great find!!

It just takes one brave one then they'll be shoving her out of the way for their turn!
Here in NC, we are getting the remnants of
LEE, the sand got wet. I removed the sand
and let it rain a little more so I could see where
the water was pooling. Took a screw and proceeded
to make drainage hole. Will refill with dirt after
the rain is over. They are very curious!

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