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A year ago I ordered a case of TVP from Amazon. I've eaten it before and liked it just fine but this batch....well, I went through 2.5lb of it in various different recipes and just do NOT like it. So the rest of the case has sat in my pantry ever since - I just can't bring myself to try it again. So my question is - do you think this would be ok to feed to the chooks? It would be a VERY expensive meal for them but if we're not going to eat it, its just going to waste so feeding it would be a better option.

ETA: I wrote TVP without thinking. Probably the expression is familiar to most vegetarians. To those who aren't vegies, TVP stands for Textured Vegetable Protein. It comes in a granular form and when you soak it, it looks similar to cooked ground beef.
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Okay, this is slightly off topic, but when I once got a batch of TVP that had MSG in it, I stopped using TVP. Currently, there's a recall going on for some TVP with salmonella in it. I would worry less about the age of the TVP and more about the ingredients that were put in it.

I questioned the use of MSG in something supposedly organic and was told by the store that it was probably 'organic MSG'. Go figure.


P.S. I didn't really like the taste either and when I ate it, feeling virtuous that I was not wasting food, I got a headache from it.
Ok, I decided to do a little research and went back to Amazon for the product details:

Textured Soy Protein (T.S.P.) Chunks are an unflavored and versatile food produced from defatted steamed soybeans. They are normally used in place of meat for vegetarian burgers, casseroles, stews, soups and especially meatballs. For normal use, pre-soak in water or seasoned sauce to soften before using. NOW Foods T.S.P. Chunks are made entirely from soybeans. Through an extrusion process using forced air, a meatlike texture is produced. It has no chemical additives and is an excellent source of protein, fiber, magnesium and iron.

I'm guessing if the chooks are offered it, it should be in small quantities given it is all soy?
Probably no worse than other household scraps, but I would put it out in small batches, not very much at one time.

BTW, some of the best Texas chili I have ever eaten was TVP! I was really impressed with how versatile it is.

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