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Hey all gaited horse experts - could you please tell me what my TWH is doing while being lunged by my trainer?

In the YouTube Video taken on my cellphone, he is not happy about being in the arena after all the other horses got turned in AND he doesn't care for the direction he's going and you will see him attempt to turn around to go the other direction.

Thank you for your input.
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looks like he trots and paces in between gaiting, you can't keep a walking horse in a consistent gait while lunging, even though a natural gaited horse gaits in the field, when you ride you have to keep him in that gait so it becomes consistant, it takes different muscles to do the different gaits, so you condition the ones for the runningwalk so he wants to do what feels good to him all the time, hope that helps
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I am not a gaited horse expert (or any other kind of expert either
), but my first thought watching the video is that your horse is having trouble getting a nice bend to his body, and the handler has him coursing a pretty tight circle. He looks like he's working his back end and then his front end, not the whole body in unison. I would have widened the circle quite a bit and work on getting him to bend into the turn.

OOOOPS! I forgot to add that he is very handsome!
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He is pacing, not anything near a running walk. He has zero bend and no idea what is being asked of him and your trainer is letting him roam all over and then tugging him back by his head- not good for him. This is not the way to get a horse to bend or gait properly and if continued eventually will teach him this pacing permanently. Ground work to teach him to give to pressure, and then ridding teaching him to bend and move and give to pressure and then work on the specific gait.
You horse has the racking gait of TWH's.
Some of them can pick their knees up to their chest while racking (Speed Racking)
You should look it up.
My Spotted Saddle Horse has a really showy Racking gait. Alot of fun and wants you find your Seat very smooth.
Your walker looks young so you can train him to have a very nice one. I would say there is one in the making already.
Best of Luck!
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I agree with her.

You beat me to it. I know nothing about walking horses, but the whole lunging thing she was doing is wrong regardless of discipline.
Yup with the pacing. He is leaning in heavy on the inside, too small a circle and off balance. If you ever watch someone train a walker, they ride a straight line, stop turn on the haunches, and ride a straight line. When your horse is properly in gait he will have a distinctive head bob. To get in gait he needs to be balanced and working off his hind end. Not gonna happen on that lunge line.

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