Twisting neck problem


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
So I have a pigeon which has a twisting neck it could be salmonella or pmv though what's the difference?? And also of there a natural treatment I could do please tell me. I heard that baytril is a good treatment, I have baytril for sheep's if that could work and also enro-col that is used for sheep's and chicken and it treats and prevents stress and diseases caused by salmonella and others. Could one of those work as the second one is for chicken too and people use it for other birds. And also when giving the pigeon water with a syringe it just spits it out . what should I do .
Hmm, over on Pigeon Talk the word is that pigeons can often survive PMV with supportive care - but usually can't fly afterwards, and are prone to show symptoms again when stressed. This would be fine for someone like me who basically has confined pets (just a few pigeons following rescue of a likely king found by the side of the road) but not for someone who keeps pigeons to fly them.

Note I'm just passing on what I've read, thank goodness I have had no personal experience of this . . .
Yeah.. it's not Necessarily pmv or Newcastle.. it actually can be numerous problems, and could completely recover with minimal to no after effects. I had an over sixteen year old roller hen at the time that got sick with it after a songbird got into her cage bathing in her bathwater. Five years later she was healthy eating drinking walking flying breeding raising always two healthy babies at a time, with no effect, as long as better nutrition given (cheapest chicken layer pellet feed better than most only all seed grain legume ect old skool diets being lil secret the competitive performance and show breeders conceal),then being exessively stress free. This year I went out of town and she was out of water for days maybe as person supposed to care for didn't apparently.. so now she is still lil twisted up when stressed again about a month later, as she started twisting up when I came up opening her cage and she started bashing as flying around me crazily possibly dehydrated on covered porch. A lil basic care and education can go a long way, but sometimes it's easier bet for some to start over if they have and can attain again quality easily in performance or show animals. I didn't have luck in pharma western medsin different things, but more natural things, with pelleted chicken natural layer, work odfly good. P.S. I keep her, her test mates and family with all young, separated, aside from test birds to see periodically in stress and not situations, if they'll get sick which non others have, even when directly injected or fed feces or blood from clipped nail or pulled feather Quill ect.
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