"Twitter the Zombie Chicken"- NW IL, might ship - Very tame - Meeds loving home! - Crested blue bant

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    "Twitter" was nicknamed 'zombie chicken' when he was little because he couldn't walk right; he was wobbly and pretty scruffy looking! Now he is a beautiful cockerel and a very good boy. He still has one bent toe, but he gets along just fine. Because of his issues walking as a chick I kept him inside so he grew up in a laundry basket in our kitchen and eventually became a "house chicken".

    Although he is used to living inside I think he is lonely and would like to be a "normal" chicken and live outside with some chicken friends [​IMG] I never intended to keep Twitter as a house chicken, just wanted to get him healthy and then find him a nice home. He would be perfect for a family with kids or anyone with a backyard flock!

    When he was little and still kept in the laundry basket he "talked" nonstop and so earned the name "Twitter". He was the chattiest little chick I have ever had! He is old enough now that he can crow, but his crow is not particularly loud. Also he is trained to stay in his kennel in the morning and have his breakfast. The rest of the day he has the run of the house. We have 3 dogs and 6 cats and Twitter is used to coexisting with them. He loves cat food and is a speedy little demon when he wants to steal food from the kitties! He can be pretty assertive and won't hesitate to peck a dog or cat on the nose if he feels they have it coming. It's amusing to watch especially when he fluffs up all his hackle feathers and put on his "I'm a big tough rooster" show which mostly just bewilders the dogs since they don't speak chicken [​IMG]

    Twitter comes from my project flock of bantam Easter eggers. I am breeding friendly Easter eggers in lovely colors and with crests. Some of my birds also have feathered feet. Twitter's color is pale blue with gold highlights.

    Can you provide the loving home that Twitter deserves? If you are interested in having this special boy come live with you please send me a message. I will consider shipping or possibly driving to meet someone part-way. Twitter is located in northwestern Illinois.

    What a pretty boy!!![​IMG]


    Twitter likes to rest on my lap or sit on my arm while I work at the computer.


    Twitter's night roost. He gets the top and Molly the beagle gets the seat [​IMG]


    One toe on his right foot is still bent:(
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  2. He is so cool!!! I wish I could take him! (Have too many right now and trying to down size) Hopefully this will bump up your ad! I also have a crested easter egger! (Non-project, just sort of hatched out like that...) We didnt mean for my polish and my ameraucana to get together... let alone did we know. But I love them! His color will be stunning.
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    Has he been around other chickens?

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