Two baby mourning doves!!!


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7 Years
Dec 31, 2012
Hey this is Rubyredchick,

I found two baby mourning doves three days ago. I found them huddled together under a tree. I didn't know what to do with them, so I looked for a nest in the tree where they were. I found a nest but it was completely destroyed. I kept an eye out for the parents, but they never came. That night I went to go see if they were still under the tree, and they were. I took them in and put them under a head lamp. I have been feeding them boiled egg yolk mashed up with a little water added to it. The next mourning they seemed to have a lot more energy. I am keeping them in a bird cage. Sometimes I take them out of there bird cage and them waddle around in our garage. They are adorable!!! Does anyone know what else I can feed them other than mashed up egg yoke? I named them Milo and Otis
Also, do you feed baby doves when there crop is empty? When do you start introducing water to them? Please tell any info you have:)

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