Two Chickens Killed By A Predator One Still Alive

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    Jun 15, 2013
    While I was away at school, I had a friend taking care of my hens for me. There were three hens total, and unfortunately my friend didn't notice a predator had began to work at the chicken wire, eventually ripping a hole big enough to enter the coop. Two of the hens were eaten by the predator, but luckily one remained alive and unscathed. My question now is how should I deal with the remaining hen? Are hens very social, needing immediate companionship or can I wait until the Spring when the weather would be more conducive to raising chicks? Also, when I incorporate the new hens should I have them be around the same age or does that not matter? Also, any other tips to help in keeping my remaining hen healthy and happy? Thanks for all of your help.
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    Dec 24, 2013
    @Hunter44 Yes chickens are very sociable. But I would wait to see if she is dealing with it good or bad. You will be abke to tell by if she is sitting around more than often or not eating as much. You coukd olace a mirror in the coop with her and she will talk to it thinking it is another chicken. This will last longer especially if the two hens have been together for a long time or ever since being hatched.
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    First: yes hens are social animals, and second: no hens often treat younger members of the flock in what looks to our human eyes as the most savage, cruel, and unsocial way.

    If you have "chicken" wire on your coop it doesn't take anytime for a serious predator to rip or chew a hole in your first line of defense.
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