Two dead and two with same problem


11 Years
Feb 7, 2008
Southern Alberta, Canada
That Eye close thingy that I posted, two quail died of it. Apparently, my dad doesn't know more of quail than I do. Their doing the Ruffed feather things. One seems to be gasping, The other looks okay, but has the closed eyes. Pictures will be taken. Im going to Quarantine these two birds, if they are getting picked on they can heal, and it will prob help the others from not getting it. It seems to only be hitting my Whites if that helps
Their on Shavings, Bottom no wire. idk..... I Believe I will be Building a quail coop this week
Sorry your having trouble. Yes seperate anyone that shows any sign of be'n sick. If there is no injury, this would scare me. Some questions.. Did you hatch these birds or buy them? Have bought any birds in the last few months? Do you have chickens? This could be alot of things, some real bad, some not so much... Either way it sux lose'n birds. They become friends after a while.
I bought them. But his birds and the one he sells are all doing good. (so not him)
I Did put them (all 12) in a clean cage with my Old bird Dec 13th (I know a big No no) I do, But Chicken is inside and Does not get handled till Afternoon. I have peafowl outside, but they don't get handled till quail do, and inbetween I was my hands (etc). Without looking at them, The eyes look like other picked at their eyes and they swollen up. Oh dear.
Is there a vet nearby that can test the quail and see what is causing this. I would be concerned, especially since you have other fowl around.
Well it is common for a bird to go for the eyes... Just say'n "get out of here", or "I'm sick of you".... If the old birds have been there for a while and its the new comers that are get'n spanked, well that just means a new pen. But I would also keep in the back of my mind that you could have brought home the equivalent to "Bird Clap" and exposed your flock. I would watch for signs of aggression with in the pen, If there are new birds with old birds, this is likely the problem. It bothers me that they die. most times a coturnix fight does not end in death quickly...
There's a vet in almost every town. But Non that I know of that can do testing on quail haha... But I'll ask around. I've very concerned. I guess Quail are going to be remaining in the Garage. My hatch will stay in the house till this is all fixed
I will Keep a eye on them. They were showing it when I first brought them in. But it was the New guys picking on my old one. And again when I went in there this morning to find these two dead and them fighting. My Friend (the person that I bought them from) said it could be Synovitis. But he has never hear of Coturnixs getting it. Looking back, The First two got the Swollen eyes the same week of the sale. That was the first true sign.
My mom looked online and it said to put something on it (forgot what she said already), but we don't actually have it, only thing close is Colloidal silver.. Which Idk if its safe for Quail.

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