Two dead in Two days, Help!

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    Mar 14, 2010
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    HELP!!! Around the 18th of last month I hatched out a beautiful chick and some guineas. Since they hatched they have been in the house (still) in brooder. Yesterday my chick died![​IMG] No signs of illness at all until I found him yesterday very weak, could hardy move or keep his eyes open, hours later he was dead. Then this morning one of my guineas died. Again, no one is acting ill, they are all eating, drinking and moving around. I am scared that I will wake up tomorrow with one less guinea. Does this sound like Marek's disease? Any suggestion, advice or comments would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

    ******Now 3 in 3 days!!!! ********
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    I think the first thing I would do is check all of their crops in the evening every day. That's the only way to tell that they are really eating. Other than that, I don't know.
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    Sometimes they die & that's that. Sorry, but two won't put you in a particular direction - could be a fluk.
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    Now another guinea is dying! What should I do?
  5. ranchhand

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    Examine every single step of your brooder situation.

    Temp, bedding, food, water, anything that may have changed or needs to be changed. No reason to assume Marek's or any other disease if they've never even left the brooder.

    Good luck!

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