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  1. Well, I will try to make this as short as possible...

    I got an egg each from my two laying hens this morning. They have been laying an egg a day each since May 15. I went to the feed store to get some supplies and the fella there told me that the layer crumbles already have oyster shell calcium suppliment. I said, "so that's why they are not eating much of the oyster shell I bought them!" Eggs have been perfect so I assume he is right. I will re-read the label when I get someone to carry the bag in. hahah.

    Anyway....when we got back to the house, I went to check on the hens and DBF says, "what's that in the coop?" I looked and saw a pretty cream colored still intact soft shell (like a rubber ballon) egg! I carefully picked it up off the floor not the nest box (they have always layed in the nest box, even when they are free ranging they hop back into the coop to lay)and noticed a second soft egg that had broken and slipped thru to the ground. Of course I'm thinking well maybe this guy is WRONG. My eggs are soft! I also thought - wait, I've already gotten two eggs from these two today.

    So, while I'm pondering we walk up to the house and my son tells us about the lightning strike that sounded like a huge huge explosion - he said he literally came out of the chair! And I realized that THIS was probably what caused the hens to lay their second egg in one day! It scared them so bad they popped out tomorrow's eggs early! eta: do you think i will get eggs tomorrow (maybe late in the day)

    I saved the one rubbery egg in the fridge. I would assume its just fine to eat as well?

    I am sure someone else has had this experience but boy were we amazed...
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    That's a neat story! I wonder if they got the , egg scared right out of them!! [​IMG] I have never had 2 eggs in one day but when they were new layers I would get those soft eggs once in a while. Although I am sure they are fine to eat I fed mine to the cats or dogs, whichever was closest.
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    great story, I haven't experience that, well thanks for the story, interesting read.
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    That is a neat story. Hey, who knows, maybe it was the lightning? [​IMG]
  5. So after getting 2 eggs each yesterday from my 2 EEs, one of them layed another egg today! Hard shell and good sized. I am still waiting to see if my other hen lays before the day is over....
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    That is too funny,[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] wish mine would lay one egg a day consistantly.
  7. I have also experienced this weird egg laying phenomenon, and having done some research, can definitely tell you that a fright can make the following day's egg get laid early - and it is usually soft shelled because it hasn't spent enough time in the shell gland.

    So you're absolutely correct!

    Interesting that one of your girls also managed to lay a fully shelled egg the next day as well though. Mine always miss the next day completely whenever they get scared into laying an early softie.
  8. yeah, I certainly didn't expect any eggs today and I actually dropped the one i got outa the nest from chest high and was amazed that it didn't break. These homegrown eggs are tougher shelled than any you ever get in the store...
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    Quote:Yeah, tell me about it! I ran out of real eggs one day and after cracking about 6 of them I had to get out the store bought eggs. I smacked it on the counter just like I do our eggs ... it EXPLODED all over! Not like a rotten explode, just a smashed egg explode, lol. I figured out very quickly that you gently TAP store bought eggs to crack them [​IMG] I had never noticed the difference going to fresh eggs from well fed hens but sure could tell the difference going back.
  10. hahahha. that musta been a site to see![​IMG]

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