Two Natural Incubations at Once

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    Hey there everybody [​IMG]

    So I just found out that two my of hens now are setting. This happens way too often at my house hahaha. Not to long ago Caesar and his girlfriend Cinna hatched out four little chick's, two silkies and two bantams.
    Now Variae is sitting on eleven eggs, mostly silkie sultan mixes and polish sultan mixes. I don't know who the actual parents of them are, since in this coop we have eight chickens that can mate and lay, so a mix of them.
    In one of our other coops, I think one of our bantams, Sulla, is sitting on twelve eggs. They are almost all Belgium D'Uccle eggs, although she wouldn't let me see all of them, so I'll have to check another time. I hope her hatch goes well, but we've had bantams go broody 5 or 6 times and almost every time it turned out well.

    I think that Variae is about a week or a week and a few days along, so I'll candle them again in a few days to check. Sulla I believe just started, and although we don't need more chickens, I don't have the heart to stop her. I'm only sixteen for crying out loud.

    I'm praying things go well, and if they do, then in two to three weeks, we should have quite a few baby chicks roaming around. Right now I'd have to say we have about 39 chickens of a few different breeds. Hoping to sell some of the chicks and a few of the rooster from the last hatch. There are about eight of them and they're all Belgian D'Uccles, and they terrorize the three female D'Uccles we have. Poor babies.

    This is my reason for wanting to become a vet. High school programs, summer college courses, it all pays off for newborn life :D

    I'll keep you posted if anyone cares to lend an ear. Our chicken family is happy as can be.
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    Yahoo would have a hay-day with everything hen broodies put up with. "hen hatches and raises duck", "Hen hatches babies and finds out babies are not hers" "Mix-up in hen house hen raises babies not her breed." the list can go on and on.

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