Two new additions


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Apr 8, 2011
Christchurch, NZ
Picked up our new pullets today, They're Orpingtons and around 13 weeks old, They're very sweet and I am enjoying them already! I picked one up while I was kneeling on the ground and the other jumped on top and put her head into my neck and started drifting off. Brings our flock total to four. Its taking a little for our other pullet to accept them, I think she feels a little threatened. It will be great when they're all a happy little family and can't wait for all the eggs and eventually chicks after winter!

Them all meeting, I decided to introduce them all in the run rather than in the coop and have it all go wrong in the night. My older pullet is at the bottom left, My roo above her and the two newbies on the right

The newbies


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