Two new hens and one is not laying

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    Thanks in advance for your respone.

    Three weeks ago I brought home two 20 week old chickens. The one hen started laying eggs right away and tends to lay every other day. The other hen has not produce an egg yet. I don't believe she is hiding them in the yard.

    Her comb is pale pink which I have read on other posts may be a sign of molt. Is there anyting else going on that I should be watching for. How long do they molt for?
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    Her comb may be pale for several reasons. Maybe it hasn't turned red yet because she is not fully mature. If she is 20 weeks old, she is too young to moult. She probably just isn't old enough to lay yet. May need to be 22-25 weeks old to start depending on the breed. May also still be a little stressed getting used to her new home. Give her some time and let us know how she does.
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    The average 18 -20 weeks for eggs is just a generalization. I have some hens that did not start to lay until almost 30 weeks and two littlepolish that didn't lay until almost 32 weeks.

    It really isn't something that is predictable. They each have thier own cycle and maturation rate - meaning they lay when they lay and it isn't normally an indication that something is wrong if they don't lay at 20 weeks. Feed them well and the eggs will come.

    Your chickens won't molt until closer to 1 year old and may not go through their first molt this fall.

    Watch for the pink comb to start turning red which is an indication she may be getting ready to lay.
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    Moving chickens from one place to another can mess up the egg laying cycle. I've bought chickens that never stopped laying to some that took an 8 week vacation when I brought them home. [​IMG]

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