Two new roos, what breeds do you think?

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Jun 19, 2014
Just received these two boys along with about 15 hens (2 banties) from a friend who is moving. I intend to keep the silver guy (already have 5 Silver Wyandottes among others) but prob not the red. Or maybe seperate the group into two flocks so,that the production reds are with the red? The silver has a lovely rose comb, which you can see if you zoom in. Any ideas on breeding?



The roosters are both mixed breeds, so all your chicks will be mixed breeds. Feel free to mix and match and see what crops up

some thoughts....

If you put that red rooster over your silver Wyandotte hens, you'll likely get red sex link offspring. Males gold, females silver.

The barred rooster over the slw hens will likely give barred offspring. In my experience, the barring trumps the lacing, but since they're mixes the barring winds up kind of messy with a lot of leakage coming through.

Both rose and pea combs are dominant, so you'll have a lot of chicks with non-straight combs.

That red rooster may have a gene for blue eggs, or he may not. You'd just have to breed him and raise up some pullets to point of lay and see what happens
Thank you for the responses! We are in central Texas, east of San Antonio, sure wish we were in Washington or Oregon!

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