two questions..cayenne pepper in their feed and chicken feed.

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    So i am wondering if anyone knows much about cayenne pepper or any hot pepper in the chicken feed? I recently read on here that some people do it but never said how much. One person said 1-2 tbs per lb but that is all i have read. My girls seem to just pick off the peppers from the bush raw from my garden, can i just put the peppers in the run for them raw?

    Does it really help in egg production?

    How long can, should i feed it to my girls? In there food or is there a better way?

    Can i use any dried pepper, jalapenos or habaneros?

    My second questions is:

    i recently read in the grit magizine that feeding chickens the purina feed with omega is great for them. I have been feeding the girls the normal pellet feed from the local tractor store. Now that purina has come out with a omega and a oyster shell added into the feed (well i dont know how its been around acutally) should i switch to the omega oyster shell added feed? Can i buy the normal feed and add the purina oyster omega feed ? i recently bought a normal bag and added a purina omega bag. They seem to like it and be fine.


    i hope this makes since


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