two questions I have before lockdown

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    May 16, 2011
    I have an aquarium incubator (still air). I'm trying out the dry incubation method.
    The temperature is constant. humidity ... not so much (surprise, surprise). Yes i know there are always humidity posts and discussions on here. I've read them and got a lot of tips from them but I'm having a nighttime humidity problem.
    I mean..its fine during the day. It's always constant, but when I go to sleep and wake up it's 16%. always is. never fails. I always add tons of water (sponges/washcloths/etc.). I'm mostly worry about this because when lockdown rolls around in a matter of days, i don't really want to have to wake up every few hours to add water to get it up to 60% and keep it there. Has anyone else had this problem? Tips or tricks? I'd appreciate it.

    My second question is...
    Well, awhile back I dropped on of my eggs. It didn't turn out to be a bad drop. Just a hairline fracture in the shell. So I read up on it and was told to use candle wax to cover it. The chick has been developing since then. The candle wax, however, is on the side with the air cell. And I'm afraid when the little guy tries to get out, the candle wax will get in it's way. Should I worry about this? Or will it be fine?

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    You can keep an eye to the cracked egg when it's going to hatch, if you see the guy is going to kick the side where you put wax on it, then you can try to "remove" the wax when the little guy pipping but don't try to help him opening the egg shell except he's in emergency.

    The cause of humidity get down too fast is usually happen because of the surrounding area humidity, don't forget nature always keep trying to balance everything like when you leave ice in open space in hot season, it will became water that have almost same temperature as surrounding area temperature. So, check for big leakage in the bator, but still keep good air circulation. Usually I put a cloth in water and put it need the heat source so the water in will easily (turn to "steam", I forgot the English :-s ) and will elevate the humidity level and keep it high. Put more water on it so you don't need to wake up every hour.

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