two questions on vinegar and feeders


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Mar 29, 2011
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first question: why can't I use the apple cider vinegar in my kitchen cupboard, why does it have to be "raw" to add into the chicken's water? ( I read that on another thread, but it wasn't explained).

second: is there an automatic feeder idea anyone can recommned? We camp during the summer, and I feel tied to my house because of the birds. They begin making noise early, and my neighbor's are twenty feet away, so I try to feed the birds early, at first light, to minimize any noise. If I go camping, we can get people to feed the chickens, but not at first light. I love them, but it makes going away for a few days a little stressful.
You can use both apple cider vinegars. I use braggs organic with the mothers, but I also use the bottle from walmart for $3 when I can't afford the organic. Both are ok.
My hubby built me feeders for my coops that hold 80lbs of food. There are many feeders out there but I find my home made ones work the best for me.
Try searching eBay for chicken feeders to get an idea of a good automatic feeder and then look locally.
Or go into any feed or farm store and they should have many styles.
Not that I've noticed and I live in the middle of a horse pasture. Mice are a real problem in the house, but not the hen's run.

As for the vinegar question, any is better than none in my opinion.

Organic is always better but cost more.
ACV is not something you'd add to water on a daily basis so a bottle should last a while. Maybe add it once a month or so and then just a very little. You use organic because what you use in the kitchen is "distilled" vinegar and stronger. Strength is why folks "distill" whiskey and corn squeezings.

I wish you well,

I haven't had a problem with rats ever here. Had a slight mouse problem last year. Nothing this year... It probably helps that I have 6 cats.

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