Two sick chickens - How should I treat them?

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    Apr 27, 2010
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    I noticed my broody's eye was a little funky, and today that it was gooey and generally kept closed. She's otherwise fine, and is drinking and eating well. She is currently sitting on eggs, taken off daily to eat, drink, and relieve herself. It looked a little irritated before, but I left it alone.

    I also have a young rooster who's been sneezing, but otherwise with no other signs of illness.

    Both eat, drink, are alert and curious, but with those singular symptoms. How should I treat, and should I treat my entire flock to ensure no one else is infected? Should I give them medicated chick starter?

    Edit: Broody's stools are normal eye-wateringly nasty broody poop. I haven't noticed any unusual poop from the rooster either, but I'm going to be double checking just to be sure.
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