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Apr 10, 2012
Aright, my first question. Do chickens ever just sneeze?..
Chicken 1: ACHOO
Chicken 2: Bless you.
Chicken 1: Thanks.
We have chickens who just walk around, stop, and achoo! They're healthy and happy, so I don't understand. Can they have allergies..?

Also, we have a chicken who fell victim to a blob of paint. We had all the chickens separate while we were painting the coop, no one was bothering me, but one decided to see what was happening to her home. All the sudden, a bright red blob plopped on her head.
Now, today, she was roosting, and I went into the coop. Normally she spooks because she isn't very social, but today, she sat. I walked over and petted her. She sat. I picked her up, no struggle. She seemed to be in shock. After a little bit of cuddling her, she wiggled away like nothing ever happened. Is she maybe getting picked on? Pecked at from the paint blob? Is this a reason to put her in our private little coop? (broody pen/chicken e.r.) why is this a reason to? (I need a good reason or my parents won't let her go to the separate coop...) Anyway, Thank you verryyy much!<3
Yes chickens sneeze for many reasons. Dusty food or area, just like humans. Excessive sneezing could mean disease.

Red attracts chicken beaks. I would try to remove the red paint so the bird is not pecked at.
Alright. Thanks. We keep a clean coop poop and dirty bedding wise, but apparently not dust wise (yes, ill be a man and admit that...). Thank you. The paint will be removed, but now it's just a curious question, would a red coop calm the urge to peck at red?....

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