Two Toms and a Hen - help!


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Nov 15, 2020
Hi All,

I rescued 3, eight-week-old turkey pullets and now they are about 4 months old. I think I have two toms and one hen, although I was told I had 1 tom and 2 hens. One of the turkeys, I believe the female came out of her turkey palace the other day with the back of her neck missing a lot of feathers and bleeding. I didn't see anything like mites or other bugs, and they are protected in their coop so nothing would have gone in there to hurt the turkey. Would they be mating this soon? There is not stomping or standing on the injured bird. I've watched enough mating videos to at least know that they are fully mating this early. Don't they match around 8 mo to a yr? Or could it be a dominance thing and she's not a female? I'm so lost here on what they are doing and reading all the threads & online info isn't providing solutions to my questions. The turkeys were popping around, strutting but not puffing up, and were twirling around and running the other day when I cleaned the wound and put a healing solution on it. One of the turkeys even tried to put his/her wing around the hurt turkey. But they aren't mating that's for sure. Any ideas on how to sex them and also to ensure I can help the injured bird. They are quite sweet even though they are still learning to get friendly. Thank you in advance. :)
Why not post pics? Experts will help out.
If 2 are toms, you'll need to get at least 2 other hens, preferable more. or get 1 hen and get rid of 1 tom.

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