Tylan and Egg Withdrawal?


Apr 22, 2015

My chickens have been prescribed Tylan soluble in water for 5 days. The vet seemed non-committal about egg withdrawal. This web forum seems to have lots of conflicting information about the appropriate withdrawal time. I looked it up and the FDA says that in the US it should not be used on chickens that produce eggs for human consumption. Period.

It's clear that a lot of backyard chicken keepers use Tylan. Is the FDA statement just for commercial egg producers? Anyone have a vet's recommendation for egg withdrawal?
My chickens just got prescribed Tylan powder in their water as well and the Vet was pretty specific about not eating the eggs for 6 weeks after
But most of the info I found here is contradicted.
Maybe I should call the company that manufactures Tylan and see what they recommend and why

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