Tylon 50 Injections

Maggie J

Jun 8, 2017
Hi, I have a rooster who has a lingering eye injections and I'm suspecting its respiratory. I've heard Tylon 50 injections can be used to remove the symptoms. However, I don't know what dosage or needle size to use. I've also never injected a bird so any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you in advance for your support!
Dosage is the same as what's on the box. Weigh the bird and do the math. Some people say 1/2cc for large fowl and 1/4cc for bantam but there is a lot of variation so to get dosing right it's better to actually weigh the bird, in my opinion.

I believe the needles I use are 22 or 24g.
For chickens Plumbs Veterinary Handbook says that 10-40mg per Kg 2-3 times a day is acceptable. That is 5-10mg per pound. In each Tylan 50, each ml equals 50mg. Some people give it orally if they are not comfortable with injections. It is thick, so if giving injections into the muscle, I would use a 22 gauge. If givng it orally, I would use a 20 gauge or even an 18 gauge to withdraw it from the vial. Then remove the needle to give it orally. Do you know how much your hen weighs? If you don't have a kitchen or postal scale, you can hold them while weighing yourself, then subtact your weight to get rough estimate. For a 5 pound chicken I would give 1 ml twice a day at least, and increase it by 0.50 ml for every 2.5 pounds.

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