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Apr 15, 2020
This little Ameraucana girl was hatched April 22 and I bought her May 2. Can you tell me if she is a Blue, or what? Also I bought two Ameraucana chicks from the same breeder and neither has the facial feathers yet. I also am not sure what the other one is. Maybe brown red? When should I start seeing the facial feathers? Thanks.


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All guaranteed to be female with a Mareks vaccination and a Texas Health Certificate. (All except Silkies and Bantams,they are not sexed at the hatchery)

Sounds like someone reselling hatchery chicks.
After a lot of looking into it, it seems like a reputable breeder, but I can’t say for sure unless I actually spoke with them. I think that they said hatchery because they meant their own facility. If they really ARE purebred ameraucanas, they would be a silver and a brown red. What color are their legs and feet exactly? If they are any color other than a slate to almost black they are not pure. We will also know more when they are a little older.
Although this is a little sketchy:

We get ALL chicks from hatcheries when they are 24 hours old or less. We frequently have them from age 1 week to 4 months. Not all breeds available at all ages. The inventory is fluid.

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